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Haunted Whitby


The old port town of Whitby, with its winding cobbled streets, ginnels and snickleways,
is the scene of many a ghost sightings.
from barguests, the pad footed, red eyed hound, a harbinger of doom,
sure to strike terror into anyone who has an encounter with them.
To ST Hilda’s ghost the founder of the famous Whitby Abbey, built in 657ad,
is said to be seen roaming the Abbey ruins.

Whitby is steeped in history and dates back to Roman times, however its history
fundamentally starts with the founding of the Abbey.
The town is situated on the north east coast of Yorkshire and is divided by the River Esk.

Many a house in Whitby has stood empty over the years, on suspicion of being haunted.
Traditions exist of certain yards or snickleways; that spirits have walked
there on successive nights,
with a strong desire to be met by someone!.

A ghostly coach has been heard quite often on Haggersgate, riding on the cobbles,
stopping briefly, and starting up again.

Hearses and mourning coaches, have been seen to drive past at midnight,
and numerous other credible reports
, which a lot of the locals fearfully believe.

Bagdale Hall a 16th century building, close to Whitby Railway Station. The hall has undergone,
quite extensive restoration in the 19th century, has also had its share of ghost sightings.
One of which is a ghost which is said to reside on occasion in the hall, and is heard wandering on the stairs, and is believed to be Capt Browne Bushell, who once lived there in the 1600s, 'who according to legend was a pirate, and was executed for piracy and other crimes'.

Noises of distinctive footsteps, have been heard in the hall, as well as the sounds of children playing in rooms, when the rooms are empty.
Guests who have stayed in these rooms have also had strange feelings, and strange dreams.
Over many years Bagdale Hall has been talked about for its ghosts, by the local people, and visitors alike.